D'André Phillips


Web Developer


D'André is a Commercial and Freelance Front-End Web Developer.

I'm not your typical developer. My main aim is to make the World Wide Web a beautiful place. I thrive on clean, minimalistic, and slick websites that would be eye candy to even the most critical of designers.

I grew up through the various iterations of Windows, Windows 95 through Windows 10. In November 2017, I decided to make the permanent switch to a Mac, after earlier in the year, my Windows PC decided to do the "Blue screen of death" - right in the middle of a job interview. Turns out making the switch was the best technological decision of my life so far!

I predominantly work in Front-End development, although I have been playing about in the world of backend, especially with PHP. CSS/SCSS is my favorite coding language, and Bootstrap is an absolute must in terms of frameworks.

I kickstarted my career in Web Development as an Apprentice WordPress Developer for FX Digital based in Shoreditch, London in April 2016, where my manager at the time taught me the skills of the trade. This wouldn't have been possible without QA Apprenticeships.

After finishing my year-long tenure at FX Digital in April 2017, I went on to do freelance work, to make myself more desirable to employers. I worked hard doing little projects here and there until finally in March 2018, I was hired as a Junior Web Developer at Black Spark Media based in Southwark, London.

In December 2018, I took on an additional role as the IT Manager for a social enterprise Project: Empower.

In October 2020, I ended my 2.5-year tenure at Black Spark Media to progress onto my first ever large company role at Progeny, as a Website Co-Ordinator.

At the beginning of 2021, as part of my plans for this year, I've invested more into my freelancing hustle. My entire workspace underwent a thorough upgrade (both the tools of the trade and the aesthetics) that can take on multiple streams of work. As of May 2021, I'm now actively looking for a new challenge.

App Development potentially on the horizon? 👀

I do other things too...

I'm currently an IT Manager at Project: Empower where I oversee their online presence, built and maintain their website, and currently is (and will probably be the only) a voluntary role, just for the sake of doing something for charity.

Moving away from IT, I currently work event days at Wembley Stadium as part of the Customer Engagement Team (Guest Services). Chances are, you'll see me at Club Wembley Level 2. As of May 2021 - I got promoted to a Supervisor, so you may see me about with my clipboard 😅

I do freelance photography, I've been hired for birthday parties, sporting events, and portrait shoots.

With that being said, as much as I get behind the camera, I get in front of it too - I model on a freelance basis, but currently unsigned (although that might be likely to change once lockdown's over). So far, I've done modeling for streetwear brand RJF Clothing and suit jacket brand Belezar.

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Let's get to work